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Finest Studios is a multimedia production company offering services in Photography, Graphic Design, Web Development, and Audio Productions.  Unlike other business that only specialize in one field, Finest Studios offers a wide range of services which allows you to work with one business to get all your needs met.  You no longer need to deal with photographers not being able to work with your graphic designer or your web developing programmers not being able implement the work done by your graphic designer because Finest Studios does it all.  When you need something done with multimedia, Finest Studios is here for you.

Finest Studios photographer, Peter John Schrock, has had a wide variety of photographing experience.  Whether it is shooting pictures for a wedding, creating portraits, composing an image of a landscape, or capturing a photo of some wildlife, Peter John Schrock loves photography.  Peter began to get interested in photography from a young age, but didn’t start deeply developing his photographic skills until he was studying physics in Grand Rapids, MI during the year 2000.  While studying physics in Michigan, Peter Schrock was working in the astronomy department at his college.  The astronomy department had a large telescope on top of their science building and he worked many late nights taking pictures of celestial objects in the sky.  Many of the principle he learned during that season got him started developing his skills as a photographic artist.

While Peter was shooting pictures of the sky, he began to learn how to develop his images in Adobe Photoshop.  His work in Photoshop later bridged the gap for him to also start learning about graphic design.  Graphic design came naturally to Peter Schrock since from a very young age he enjoyed drawing and attended special art classes on the weekends.  As he learned how to use Adobe’s powerful software, Peter flourished in his abilities as a graphic designer and went on to learn HTML in order to start apply his skill to web design. 

Learning web design proved to be a spring board for Peter Schrock into web development and computer programming.  Over the years, Peter has done a lot of programming for websites in several different programming languages.  First he started in javascript, but quickly moved into Php.  From Php he began writing code in C# and and ended up learning to program in actionscript/flash in order to make rich UI (User Interface) experiences.  Peter has developed several websites over the years and become quite skilled in his work.

Though several sites could demonstrate Peter Schrock’s skill as a programmer and designer, one project of his that has greatly grown in popularity is  Godly Christian Music is a large free legal music download website providing independent song writes the ability to share and manage their music on the internet.  As Peter developed from the ground up, he came into contact with several people who wanted to record their music for sharing via the internet.  This led Peter to invest the time and money to start a small recording studio.  After several years of getting experience Peter John Schrock started working with musician to record, mix, and master their music.  His work has produced several hit songs on  that are frequently downloaded all over the world.

Peter’s professional skills have developed greatly over the years in audio production, programming, graphic design, and photography.  This broad spectrum of skills and interests has enabled him to personally relate to his clients that come from various backgrounds.  As a result, Peter’s clients often become his friends.  Since photography is Peter’s favorite line of work, his ability to relate to his clients makes their time together fun and often filled with smiles and laughter.  As a photographer, Peter has greatly enjoyed shooting weddings across the country, creating portraits, and capturing the timeless beauty found in nature.  Peter lives in South East MO (Missouri) and primarily does his work in the areas surrounding Cape Girardeau, Perryville, St. Lois (Saint Louis), Festus, Bonne Terre, Park Hills, Farmington, Fredericktown, and Poplar Bluff.  Nevertheless, Peter also enjoys traveling and can be found offering his services through Finest Studios wherever they are needed around the world.

Whatever your needs may be Finest Studios is here to offer you the help you need in order to make your favorite dreams come true.